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Learning as a Pandemic-Only Post-Secondary Student

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Check in with our scholarship winner two years later

Mary Hallett applied for the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship – and post-secondary education – online in the early days of the pandemic. She was still a high school student at the time she received the $2,500 scholarship. We recently followed up with her to check in on how her first two years of university have been going.

Without further ado, here is the academic update from our scholarship recipient, Mary Hallett:

Russell Alexander Law Scholarship

Application Process

Though my high school guidance councillors informed me there were a plethora of scholarships to apply to, it was really quite difficult to locate any given the abnormal state of the world. Eventually after digging for academic opportunities sponsored by local businesses to fund my studies, I stumbled upon the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship on the company site. It was wonderfully serendipitous as my intention was to study law in my post-secondary career. 

The application process was very straightforward and accessible. It contained some bibliographical details as well as a paper submission. The prompt was open-ended and the creative process was really quite fun. Upon applying, a video popped up on the business’ Instagram of Russell sorting through a stack of student papers. The thrill instantly set in. Shortly after I received an email pertaining to setting up an interview to discuss my application. I was surprised to find that I was selected as the recipient of the scholarship!

The care administered by the Team at Russell Alexander is above and beyond. I felt as if I was part of the team when I was invited into the office, gifted with merchandise and allowed to choose a few records for turntable Tuesday. The atmosphere is so incredibly genuine, and I would apply over and over again if I was able.

Financial Impact

The $2000 prize was an essential contribution toward my first-year tuition. It was huge. It provided me with the opportunity to be immersed in an academic environment as I was able to live in residence. The OSAP system is faulty in that it does not consider those students paying their own tuition, but the incomes of their parents. With much of the service industry being forced to a halt in the period in which students are able to work, finances were looking particularly tough. This scholarship made living so, so much easier.
Thus far, my laptop has not yet deteriorated to the state where it is unusable. We are hanging on by a thread, and it is so comforting knowing that this technology-dedicated prize still rests in my savings for that fateful day.

Academic Update

I am presently in my second year studying law and international development at Trent, and my path was so solidified by this opportunity. I am excelling in my education and have found a place on the President’s Honour Roll for academic standing. I am also a member of the Champlain College Cabinet, which I find to be very beneficial in this career path. My favourite assignment thus far was a mock trial in which I acted as the prosecutor, and I am so excited to practice in an actual courtroom. 


Russell Alexander law scholarship
Learn more about eligibility and submission requirements for the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship.

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