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Upcoming Virtual Event: Voice of the Child

Free Live Virtual Event Series
Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Family Law Now 🎙 LIVE presents a virtual event with a panel of Ontario divorce lawyers of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers and guest family law professionals.

Voice of the Child

Wednesday, June 1st at 12 PM EDT

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In this 1-hour live virtual event, Ontario family lawyers, Russell Alexander and Golan Yaron, along with Jonathan Paynter, a collaborative family law professional specializing in social work, psychotherapy, and family mediation, will be discussing the ‘Voice of the Child’ as it applies to Ontario family law proceedings.

The panelists will be discussing the following topics:
1. What is a Voice of the Child report (VOC)
– legislation, purpose
2. When: before or during court, anytime
3. Who prepares the VOC report
– qualifications & training
4. Private vs OCL, Judicial interviews
5. The How
– Where are interviews conducted
– How many?
– How is the report delivered? Oral vs written
6. Weight: treatment by counsel, parents, and Judges
7. Screening: Alienation and other influences
8. The Child’s Right to Counsel
9. Challenging VOC reports
10. Case Law

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit their questions to the panelists. The panelists will reserve time for a dedicated Q&A segment at the end of the presentation. To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

Registration is complimentary. Reserve your spot now as spaces are limited.

Those who attend a live virtual event and provide feedback to our team will receive a free digital copy of one of Russell’s recent e-book releases.

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Russell Alexander headshot portrait family lawyer

Russell Alexander
Family Lawyer

Russell is the Founder and Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. With over 20 years of experience, Russell offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Collaborative Family Law. He uses his experience with a client-focused approach by creating unique solutions for each of his clients to enable them and their families to move forward with their lives in a compassionate and collaborative manner.

Golan Yaron, Family Lawyer

Golan Yaron
Family Lawyer

Golan is an associate family lawyer and a certified mediator with over 25 years of legal experience. He was first called to the Bar in Israel in 1996 and then called to the Bar in Ontario in 2003. Golan has extensive experience in representing clients and negotiation agreements as well as trial work. He also has experience in negotiating with the authorities to advance a client’s interests and have represented clients at various levels of court including on Appeals.

Jonathan Paynter, Family Law Professional

Jonathan Paynter
Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Accredited Family & Child Protection Mediator, Collaborative Family Professional

Jonathan is a registered social worker and psychotherapist who works in the Family Court system, completing custody and access assessments, parenting capacity assessments, and youth court assessments. He specializes in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and couples counselling and holds certificates in Collaborative Family Law, Advanced Family Mediation, Family Arbitration, Domestic Violence Screening, Offender Relapse Prevention, and Actuarial Assessment of Risk. Jonathan is on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, holding the executive position as Secretary of the Board, as well as being Chair of the Accreditation and the Course Approval committees. 

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“It was very informative and well done.”

“Great webinar, I look forward to others in the series.”

“Loved the clarity and practical approach of your presentations.”

“Great topics from great speakers – thank you!”

“I enjoyed that they knew what they were talking about without any hesitation to answer questions. They seemed very knowledgeable.”

“Thanks to RA and his team for these contributions to the family law bar and the community generally.”

“Lots of practical information! I also just realized how valuable it is to have everything anonymous! Very professional and informative!”

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.