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Recipient of $2,500 Scholarship and University Acceptances

Russell Alexander law scholarship

She did it! Future lawyer accepted into several universities of her choice. We are not surprised that they too recognize her ambition.

Sidonia Tameshtit is the most recent recipient of the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship. She is still in high school at the time she received the $2,500 scholarship. We recently followed up with her to check in on how her university enrolment is going.

Without further ado, here is an update from our scholarship recipient one year later:

Russell Alexander Law Scholarship

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Application Process

I first found out about the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship through an online platform that shows what upcoming scholarships individuals are eligible for. The application process was straightforward and very enjoyable! All I had to do was upload some personal information, my current transcript and an essay on a legal topic. I really appreciated how the prompt encouraged me to be creative while still exploring real-life legal ramifications. I also really appreciated how fast I heard back regarding the scholarship and loved meeting the incredible team!

Financial Impact

I intend on using the $500 to purchase an iPad and a matching pencil so that I can take neat notes in class and keep them organized throughout the school year. The $2000 will be incredibly useful in helping me pay for my first year of university.

Academic Update

I was recently accepted into Queens, McMaster, and Western! I am waiting to hear back from more before I make my decision, but I am incredibly excited to begin my university experience. Thank you so much to the team at Russell Alexander for their support in my post-secondary endeavours.

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