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Upcoming Virtual Event – Divorced and Separated Parents: Back to School Tips, Tricks, and Common Disputes

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Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Family Law Now 🎙 LIVE presents a virtual event with a panel of Ontario divorce lawyers of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. 

Divorced and Separated Parents: Back to School Tips, Tricks, and Common Disputes

with Bill Rogers, Jason Isenberg & Susanna Crichlow

Wednesday, August 24th at 12 PM EDT

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In this 1-hour virtual event, Ontario collaborative family lawyers, Bill Rogers, Jason Isenberg, and Susanna Crichlow, will be sharing their insights on the subject of navigating children returning back to school as divorced or separated parents by sharing tips, tricks, and common disputes.

The panelists will be discussing the following topics:

1. No agreement on enrollment and what to do?
2. Notice and self-help
3. VOC
4. Changing schools
5. Urgent motions
6. Status quo
7. BIC
8. Child Support Guidelines and children’s expenses
a. How are the expenses shared
b. Back to school supplies
c. Before and after school childcare costs
d. Children with an IEP
9. Post-secondary expenses
a. Tuition
b. Books
c. Accommodation
d. Food plans
e. Transportation and vehicle costs
f. Cell phones
g. Entertainment
10. Child Support during post-secondary education
a. Children who commute and stay at home
b. Pay both child support and tuition?
c. Gap years
d. Summer and December breaks

We encourage registrants to send in their panelist questions in advance with registration for the Q&A segment of the virtual event.

To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

Those who attend the live virtual event and provide feedback to our team will receive a complimentary advanced copy of one of Russell’s recent e-book releases.

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family lawyer bill rogers

Bill Rogers

Bill is a managing associate lawyer our firm. His courtroom experience includes numerous motions, several full-blown trials, and he also had the privilege of winning a major family law victory at the Ontario Court of Appeal in 2014 (McConnell v.Huxtable) which prevented the imposition of a proposed two-year deadline on property claims by common law spouses. When he’s not practicing law, he loves spending time playing music with his band, Soul Custody.

Jason Isenberg, Family Lawyer

Jason Isenberg

Jason is an Associate Lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience. Jason excels at helping his clients reach resolutions in their family law issues and finds it very rewarding being a Family Lawyer as it gives him the opportunity to support people in moving forward and start the next chapter of their lives. Through his many years of experience, Jason has been praised for his hard work in providing a personal touch with his clients and has become known for his patience and attention.

Susanna Crichlow, Family Lawyer

Susanna Crichlow

Susanna is an Associate Lawyer who is fully trained in Collaborative Practice. She has over 7 years of Family Law experience and works hard to achieve favourable outcomes for her clients in their family law cases. Susanna approaches client consultations with a compassionate, but analytical mindset, and endeavors to provide her clients with the very best representation possible. She is also passionate about supporting local and international charities and humanitarian aid organizations, including World Vision International, ERDO, and The Salvation Army.

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“It was very informative and well done.”

“Great webinar, I look forward to others in the series.”

“Loved the clarity and practical approach of your presentations.”

“Great topics from great speakers – thank you!”

“I enjoyed that they knew what they were talking about without any hesitation to answer questions. They seemed very knowledgeable.”

“Thanks to RA and his team for these contributions to the family law bar and the community generally.”

“Lots of practical information! I also just realized how valuable it is to have everything anonymous! Very professional and informative!”

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