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Court Ruling Was Not the Last Word on the Nude “Boudoir” Photos

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About a month ago, we posted a Blog titled Husband Gets to Keep Wife’s Nude “Boudoir” Book Post-Divorce – For the “Memories” that covered an unusual ruling by a U.S. judge in an acrimonious divorce case between a Utah couple who had been married 25 years.  

In late August 2022 the wife, Lindsay Taylor, had been ordered to hand over a book of nude photos of herself that had been taken during their marriage, so that her now ex-husband could keep them for “memory’s sake”.  That order added that she could first send them to a third-party photographer for editing, but once any nude or lingerie-clad images had been digitally removed, she would have to turn the books over to her ex-husband. 

Now, news sources are reporting that Taylor won’t be complying with this order – at least not without a fight. 

She has publicly objected that the judge’s order is “humiliating”, “violating” and “misogynistic”, especially since the disputed photos “contain graphic nudity of my body”.  She has openly stated that she refuses to abide by it.

Taylor has recently appeared on several news media outlets, include CNN, to continue to voice her objections to the judge’s decision. Among other things, she vehemently protests the resulting incursion on her privacy rights, adding that “Women’s bodies aren’t property for people, or in my case, these three men – my ex-husband, his attorney and this judge – to decide what should be done with it and who should be able to see it.” 

She also questions why her ex-husband would even want the books, especially since he did not bother to save all the anniversary cards, birthday cards and Valentine’s Day cards that she gave him during their lengthy marriage.   In one of the interviews she gave, she rhetorically questioned why her husband claimed to have found the boudoir books “really important” but did not keep any of the other sentimental items. 

Taylor has until the end of 2022 to comply with the order.  We will keep you posted on how this intriguing story develops. 

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