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AI Written: Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”)

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In this special series, “30 Days of AI”, we examine the evolution of AI and the potential impact for clients, family lawyers and legal commentary.  By publishing legal content generated by AI we aim to gauge its effectiveness through user experience and commentary. It will be interesting to test the AI and determine if the answers and commentary generated remain static or evolve in time. Let us know in the survey below if AI hit the mark.

Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”) 

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is an agency of the government of Ontario that is responsible for enforcing court-ordered child and spousal support payments. If a person is required to pay support and fails to do so, the FRO can take steps to collect the money and ensure that it is paid to the recipient.

The FRO has a number of tools and resources at its disposal to help it enforce support orders. For example, it can garnish wages, seize income tax refunds, or suspend driver’s licenses and passports. The FRO can also register support orders with credit bureaus, which can impact a person’s credit score.

In addition to its enforcement role, the FRO also provides assistance to families who are receiving or paying support. This can include help with completing and filing forms, setting up payment plans, and resolving disputes.

The FRO operates under the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act, 1996, which sets out the rules and regulations that govern its activities. The Act is designed to ensure that support payments are made on time and in full, and to protect the rights and interests of both payors and recipients of support.

Overall, the Family Responsibility Office plays an important role in enforcing court-ordered child and spousal support payments in Ontario. Its enforcement activities help to ensure that families receive the financial support they need, and its assistance services can provide valuable support to both payors and recipients of support.


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