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Upcoming Virtual Event: Artificial Intelligence & Family Law

Family Law Now Live Virtual Event Series
Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Russell Alexander’s Family Law Now 🎙 LIVE presents a virtual event with a panel of guest speakers who specialize in legal tech.

Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have impacted every industry, and the legal sector is no exception. In this 1-hour presentation, Russell Alexander will be joined by a panel of legal tech and marketing experts to shed light on the implications of AI in the family law industry.

The panel will focus on several key topics, including:

1. What is AI?

2. Recent progress

3. Why should lawyers and clients care?

4. Improved service / efficiencies / access to justice

5. Ethics / Marketing / Content generation considerations

6. Will there still be a role for lawyers?

7. Should AI replace Judges and decision-makers?

8. The tipping point and a new frontier: the end of google search?

The panel will take audience questions throughout the presentation and provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI in the family law industry. We encourage attendees to send in their questions in advance upon registration or to

Registration for this complimentary event is now open and all are welcome to attend. Registrants will receive an email via Zoom upon registration with their login details for the event. To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of AI in the family law industry. Join us for what is sure to be an informative and engaging event!

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Russell Alexander - Family Lawyer

Russell Alexander

Russell is the founder and Senior Partner at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. With nearly twenty-five years of experience, he uses his knowledge and expertise to serve his clients in all aspects of family law and helps them in coping with the difficulties of separation and divorce, the division of assets such as homes and pensions, and the calculation and enforcement of child and spousal support. He uses his experience to create unique solutions for each client to enable them and their families to move forward and supports them through the transition of divorce and separation.

Jerry Zhou - CEO of Docequity

Jerry Zhou
CEO of DocEquity

Jerry Zhou is the CEO of DocEquity where he drives the company’s vision for the next generation of work and knowledge automation. Prior to DocEquity, Jerry led product teams at Microsoft building productivity experiences for knowledge workers on the cutting edge of AI and interactive technologies. Jerry currently resides in Seattle, WA with his wife, 15-month daughter, and their Great Pyrenees Lyra.

Conrad Saam - Founder of Mockingbird

Conrad Saam
Founder of Mockingbird

After leading marketing efforts for Avvo, Conrad Saam founded Mockingbird, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on legal. Called the “Gary V of Legal”, Conrad is the author of Own the Map published by the American Bar Association and The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide, co-host of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing with Gyi Tsakalakis, a Google Small Business Advisor, and held positions for various ABA’s Practice Management marketing committees. A semi-professional bridge arsonist, Conrad enjoys publishing Cease and Desist letters from unscrupulous legal marketing vendors. He once bought the keyword, “mesothelioma lawyer” for $4.76. Conrad is the proud owner of Zippy, the first and only chicken to be awarded the Lawyers of Distinction Top 10% Award, which recognizes lawyers duped into buying a $700 annual subscription to a plaque.

Gyi Tsakalakis Headshot

Gyi Tsakalakis
President & Co-Founder of Attorney Sync

Gyi Tsakalakis founded AttorneySync to help lawyers grow their practices. As a non-practicing lawyer himself, he is familiar with the unique considerations of effectively and ethically marketing a law practice. He’s also the current co-chair of the American Bar Associations Techshow, co-host of the Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast (w/ Conrad Saam), and investor and advisor to legal tech, including Lawmatics and Gideon. Gyi is also passionate about stoicism, Michigan football, and coffee (not necessarily in that order).

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.