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Upcoming Virtual Event – Collaborative Practice 301: Recap and Q&A Session

Collaborative Practice 301: Recap and Q&A Session
Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Russell Alexander’s Family Law Now 🎙 LIVE presents a virtual event with a panel of family law professionals.

In this 1-hour virtual event, the panel of Ontario family lawyers, and financial and family professionals will recap advanced methods and principles of collaborative practice that were discussed in our presentations Collaborative Divorce 101 and 201, followed by an extended Q&A session.


1. What the heck is Collaborative Practice?

2. Collaborative Practice Training

3. The CP Participation Agreement

5. Family and Financial Neutrals

6. The Power of a full team

7. The role of Experts and Reports

8. Runaway train(s): an ointment for high-conflict litigation

9. Saving the Golden Goose ~ CP & family-run businesses

10. Impasse and hitting a wall

11. Selling CP

12. Q and A

Audience members are strongly encouraged to submit their questions in advance either upon registration or by sending them to

Registration is complimentary and all are welcome. Registrants will receive an email via Zoom upon registration with their login details for the event.

To respect confidentiality, all attendees’ identities will remain anonymous to other audience members.

*Please note that all of the content provided in the presentations is intended to provide general information on separation, divorce, and family law matters, and should not be construed as legal advice.

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Watch parts one and two here:


Russell Alexander - Family Lawyer

Russell Alexander
Founder & Senior Partner at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers

Russell is the founder and Senior Partner at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. With twenty-five years of experience, he uses his knowledge and expertise to serve his clients in all aspects of family law and helps them in coping with the difficulties of separation and divorce, the division of assets such as homes and pensions, and the calculation and enforcement of child and spousal support. He uses his experience to create unique solutions for each client to enable them and their families to move forward and supports them through the transition of divorce and separation.

Brian Galbraith, Family Lawyer

Brian Galbraith
Owner at Galbraith Family Law

Brian is the owner of Galbraith Family Law which has 6 offices in Ontario and 16 collaborative lawyers. Brian is the president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and has served on its Board for several years. Brian has helped train hundreds of collaborative professionals and conducted workshops on the international stage. Brian has served on the Board of the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals and was instrumental in its formation. Brian was chair of the Trainers Committee in Ontario for several years. He continues to serve as the president of his local practice group. Brian is also a mediator. Most importantly, Brian is the father of five children and grandfather to two, so far. He lives on Lake Simcoe between Barrie and Orillia with his wife Nicole and their two young children.

Carrie Heinzl

Carrie Heinzl
Founder of Fairmore Family Law Financial Solutions

Carrie Heinzl is the founder Fairmore Family Law Financial Solutions. Fairmore offers independent, fact-based financial analytics and settlement insights to individuals and couples working through separation and divorce. Carrie is an active collaborative process trainer, co-teaching the introductory program for new collaborative professionals and advanced level trainings for the seasoned practitioner. Carrie has taught statistics, research methodologies and psychology at college and university levels. In addition, Carrie has presented at conferences for the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals, Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Annual Conference, and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Jonathan Paynter

Jonathan Paynter
Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Jonathan Paynter is a registered social worker and psychotherapist who works in the Family Court system, completing custody and access assessments, parenting capacity assessments, and youth court assessments. He specializes in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and couples counselling and holds certificates in Collaborative Family Law, Advanced Family Mediation, Family Arbitration, Domestic Violence Screening, Offender Relapse Prevention, and Actuarial Assessment of Risk. Jonathan is on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, holding the executive position as Secretary of the Board, as well as being Chair of the Accreditation and the Course Approval committees.

David Cahill, Family Lawyer

David Cahill
Collaborative Family Lawyer & Accredited Mediator at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers

David is an associate family lawyer and accredited family mediator. He was called to the bar in 2018 and since, has been practicing exclusively in family law. David assists clients with peaceful, respectful, out-of-Court resolution of their parenting, support, and property issues. David’s role is to guide clients through their period of transition with separation and divorce. He does so by facilitating a process that empowers his clients to attain a durable and workable resolution. David strongly believes that resolving family law issues through negotiation, mediation, and/or collaborative law will always be preferable to resolving them through litigation.

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.