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Family Law Now | Ep. 76: Divorced and Separated Parents: Back to School Tips, Tricks, and Common Disputes

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Written by Russell Alexander ria@russellalexander.com / (905) 655-6335

Episode 76

Our panel of seasoned family lawyers aims to provide parents, as well as equipped law professionals with supporting their clients by sharing effective strategies and practical tips for navigating the unique complexities of family law challenges that arise during the back-to-school season. By providing these insights, our team hopes that some of these strategies will promote smoother transitions for families throughout the process.

The panelists delve into the following topics:

  1. No agreement on enrolment and what to do?
  2. Status quo, Notice and self-help
  3. Urgent motions
  4. Voice of the Child & Best Interests of the Child
  5. Post-secondary expenses and child Support during post-secondary education
  6. Case Studies & War Stories

This podcast episode is a recording of a Family Law Now LIVE Virtual Event.

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Show Notes

Recording Release – Divorced and Separated Parents: Back to School Tips, Tricks, and Common Disputes

How Do Courts Choose Which School a Child Should Attend?

Court Strikes Balance Between Mom’s Choice of School, and Dad’s

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