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National Divorce Month

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January’s Surge in Divorce

As January wraps up, some in the legal profession often refer to it as National Divorce Month, a somewhat somber acknowledgment in the world of family law. We have observed this trend over the years in my practice, and while the idea of a “Divorce Month” might sound peculiar to some, it’s grounded in a very human reality.


The holiday season in December brings families together, often delaying decisions about separation or divorce to avoid casting a shadow over festive celebrations. This delay is understandable; after all, who would want to mar the season of joy with the complexities and emotional turmoil of a marital breakdown? Consequently, the New Year becomes a symbolic and practical time for many to start anew, leading to an increase in divorce filings.

However, the concept of a “Divorce Month” isn’t set in stone. A report from Fox News in 2015, suggests that divorce filings peak in March and August. We often see upticks in filings in February, post-Valentine’s Day, and September, as summer fades and children return to school. These periods reflect times when couples reassess their relationships, potentially leading to an increase in divorce proceedings. This observation warrants further investigation to see if it holds true on a national scale.

Seeking Support

When faced with the decision to divorce, regardless of the time of year, the first step is to seek excellent legal counsel. It always a good idea to review several lawyers to find someone whose approach and demeanour resonate with you. It’s a personal choice, one that requires intuition as much as it does rational consideration. We put together The Ultimate Guide to Toronto’s Top 5 Divorce Lawyers in 2024 to help you navigate this decision.

Beyond legal support, we recommend consulting a therapist, especially for parents. Individual therapy can provide clarity on the decision, while joint sessions can offer a space to attempt reconciliation or to manage co-parenting dynamics. Exploring all avenues to mend a relationship before concluding that divorce should be considered.

Legal Process

Another crucial step is organizing your financial and legal documents. Divorce often involves complex financial assessments, possibly necessitating a forensic accountant or a custody evaluation if there are disagreements about the children’s future.

Susanna Crichlow Associate Lawyer

Preparing thoroughly for these aspects is key to navigating the process effectively.

Regardless of whether it’s during the so-called Divorce Month or another time, ending a marriage is invariably challenging. The current economic landscape will undoubtedly play a role in how couples approach divorce decisions in the coming year.

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