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Ethics and Strategy in the Legal Profession

Family Law Now LIve Recording Release
Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Recording Release – Ethics and Strategy in the Legal Profession

We’re pleased to share the recording release of Ethics and Strategy in the Legal Profession.

This 1 hour and 15 minute session with family lawyers Russell Alexander, Golan Yaron, Susanna Crichlow, and Brian Galbraith, provides essential insights to safeguard your reputation and career. Learn to identify and mitigate conflicts of interest, handle complaints with grace, and respond effectively to legal challenges. Don’t miss out— watch now to equip yourself with the tools to thrive ethically in today’s legal landscape!

** This program has accredited by the LSO for 1-hour of professionalism content.

They cover the following topics:

1. Conflicts of interest

2. Signing off on unfair agreements

3. Losing objectivity

4. 24-hour Rule

5. When trouble comes – and it will come

6. Responding to LSO & client complaints

7. Failure to report potential LawPro claims

8. Hire experienced counsel when trouble, or the LSO, knocks on your door

9. The Role of Mentors, Colleagues & Community

10. Q and A

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