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family law now podcast logo with microphone and speech bubbleFamily Law Now is hosted by Russell Alexander and features a guest speaker with whom he presents a meaningful review and analysis of family law issues. Russell has developed a remarkable understanding of family law throughout his 20+ years’ experience helping families resolve their legal issues. He is eager to share his jewels of wisdom with the listening public.

This podcast series delivers useful commentary and insights into timeless and trending family law issues. Family Law Now is a convenient resource for busy individuals to get answers to their legal questions on-the-go and keep up with Family Law Now.

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Family Law Now | Ep. 13: Business Owners Reveal Their Top Marketing Tips

Episode Info On this episode, Russell Alexander interviews Richard Harris, Brian Walters, and Brian Galbraith to reveal their number one marketing tips. Topics include target audience, client persona, seo, and networking for introverts. Tune in to Family Law Now 🎙 Tune in on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts. Show Notes Google My Business Twitter Facebook Business Page […]

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Family Law Now | Ep. 12: Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Lawyer

Episode Info On this episode, Russell Alexander interviews Law Student, Stephanie Brooks, to find out if her experience has been as glamorous as it is portrayed in the movies. Stephanie opens up about her young thoughts of becoming a lawyer. She talks about her very first time in court and face-to-face interactions with a judge. Tune […]

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Family Law Now | Episode 11: Streamlined Flat Fee Process

On this episode, Russell Alexander is joined by Brian Galbraith to share the beneficial financial approach to your transition.

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Family Law Now | Episode 10: The Role of a Family Professional

On this episode, Russell Alexander is joined by Jonathan Paynter to define his role as a Family Professional in the collaborative process. His primary purpose is to reduce the amount of stress during the transition by improving communication and focusing on the mental health of each party individually, the children involved and the family.

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Family Law Now Available on iTunes

Family Law Now has been such an enjoyable collaborative experience from speaking with fellow professionals in the family law industry to hearing the response from our listeners. The podcast serves as an effective medium to provide the public with credible information on all aspects of family law. The podcast series has received tremendous feedback, so […]

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