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Government of Canada Funds Projects Aimed at Helping Families Deal with Divorce or Separation


Government of Canada Hopes to Help Families Deal with Divorce or Separation

Earlier this month the Department of Justice Canada announced funding for projects that will help families deal with difficult issues related to divorce or separation with funding aimed at improving access to the family justice system and promoting compliance with family obligations related to divorce or separation.

The project is hoping to develop “tools such as a manual that lawyers, mediators, teachers and Le Petit Pont’s supervised access service providers can use to help families that are experiencing a lot of family conflict. These tools will enable users to provide more effective assistance to families in resolving issues related to separation and divorce and to take appropriate steps to intervene where, for example, family conflict appears to be escalating and could put family members at risk of violence.”

The Press Release included the following Quick Facts

Funding for these projects is being provided through the Supporting Families Fund, which is administered by the Department of Justice Canada under the Supporting Families Experiencing Separation and Divorce Initiative (SFI).

The main goals of the Supporting Families Initiative are to make it easier for families to gain access to the family justice system and to encourage compliance with financial support, custody and access obligations.

To help achieve the objectives of the Supporting Families Initiative, funding is provided to non-government organizations for public legal education and information projects, and for professional training projects

In addition, the Supporting Families Fund contributes $15.5 million annually to provincial and territorial governments for the development and delivery of family justice services such as mediation. These services help families resolve issues related to separation or divorce without the need for expensive, time-consuming and stressful litigation.

 To learn more about this and other Federal Government family Justice initiatives visit their main site.