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Simple Divorce & It’s Over Easy

Simple Divorce & It’s Over Easy

Is there such a thing as a “simple divorce”?

In Ontario there has been a great discussion of opening up the family law system and permitting paralegals to practice and provide limited family law services. Although their role and permitted duties have not been clearly defined it is apparent that change is coming.

In the U.S. divorce lawyer Laura Wasser has recently released an app for people looking for an easier way to divorce – “it’s over easy”.

Lifehacker reports that the price ranges $750, while the top-of-the-line Premium plan costs $2500 + processing and state fees to use “it’s over easy”.

Although this sounds easy now, there is still a good chance that you may require the services of an experienced family lawyer especially if your spouse files a response and seeks relief from the court such as division of family property and or support.

In addition, there are many other legal implications of divorce that can be easily overlooked such as life insurance, benefits, wills and estate planning, providing disclosure of family assets and securing releases with respect to claims that might be made in the future.

However, given the complexity and expense of the current family law system anything, including innovative apps, that help streamline and simply the system for the public will be a welcomed step in the right direction.