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Ice Ice Baby: Vanilla Ice Accused of Hiding Millions

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Ice Ice Baby: Vanilla Ice Accused of Hiding Millions

Page Six recently reported that:

Laura Van Winkle filed for divorce in October 2016 and this year, filed docs accusing the rapper of hiding some of their assets and property in their split, according to The Blast. She claimed she found out that he transferred money to his company, Van Rap, LTD.

Laura claimed that Ice — born Robert Van Winkle — never told her about the transactions, and she believed that their assets were being held in a trust. She alleged that she learned about the misused funds while they were handing their financial records to each other as part of the divorce.

As we have commented previously full financial disclosure is paramount in any lasting settlement. For instance:

the court said a little later in the judgment:

The law does not entitle a liar to succeed just because the recipient of the falsehoods has not ferreted them out.


Even viewed a full decade later, both courts confirmed that the husband’s then-failure to disclose these significant income amounts undermined the validity of the 2005 agreement. Had the wife known the correct financial information, she would never have signed it.


The court considered the circumstances, and pointed out that in the context of negotiating a domestic contract, the duty to make full and honest disclosure is required to protect the integrity of the result of negotiations undertaken in the “uniquely vulnerable circumstances” inherent in marital disputes.

It looks like Robert Van Winkle’s settlement might be put on “ice ice baby” on the side of the A1A until the court gets this matter sorted out.


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