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Clawbie 2019 Nominations

Clawbie 2019 Nominations

By Russell Alexander

As a previous nominee and recipient of a Clawbie Award, I am happy to take this opportunity to recognize and nominate a few fellow bloggers for their outstanding and informative content.

Thoughtful Legal Management

David Bilinksy’s Thoughtful Legal Management blog continues to provide readers with insightful commentary and information on all areas related to the legal profession. His blog is also a great resource for lawyers who are looking for tips on business planning and using technology in innovative ways to their practice. David’s blog has established him as a thought leader and authority people can trust. 

Journey Law Professional Corporation 

Michele Allinotte of Journey Law Professional Corporation’s blog does a great job of disseminating practical and useful content about estates, estate planning and administration. Her blog also features social media and marketing tips to grow your business establishing her as an expert in her field with her informative and engaging posts. 


LawPRO’s blog is a great collection of articles providing Ontario lawyers with comprehensive information and tips to help navigate law practice management. Their precedents and downloadable checklists equip you and your teams with the necessary resources to ensure success.

Good luck to all the nominees!