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Russell Alexander Shares Advice for Couples in Quarantine on Indie 88

Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Russell Alexander Shares Advice for Couples in Quarantine on Indie 88

On April 15th Russ joined Josie Dye of Indie 88, Toronto’s new alternative radio station, to share some tips for couples in quarantine. It was a fun and informal discussion about how couples can get through their time at home together during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Josie Dye, Host at Indie88

Following some banter where the host discussed her home quarantine conditions with some levity and honesty, Russ provided helpful advice for couples.

Russ advised couples to spend some time together, but also get in some “you” time. However, it’s important that you don’t avoid each other all together and look for ways to enjoy each other’s company. It could be going for walks, cooking a meal or even working on a puzzle.

During this time, emotions are heightened and the likelihood of arguments is very real so understanding is very crucial. Russ reminded listeners that quarantine is a temporary state and it too shall pass. It’s important to maintain empathy for each other.

Maintaining a routine and structuring your day as you did prior to the pandemic will also help couples relieve the strain during these unprecedented times.

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