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How To Find More Information About Ontario Family Law – video



How To Find More Information About Ontario Family Law

In this law video Russell Alexander review the different ways you can get more information about family law, including:

1. An information centre specializing in family justice

2. A parent education course for separating parents

3. Duty counsel at a legal aid office

4. A community legal clinic

5. A university law school with a student-run legal information service

6. A law society or bar association referral service for a lawyer

7. A divorce support or self-help group

8. Relevant library books and videos

9. The yellow pages, white pages or blue pages in your telephone book have listings for
many of these resources, and

10. A librarian at your public library may also be able to help you.

When do the child support guidelines apply? — video



Wednesday’s Video Clip: When do the child support guidelines apply?

In this video we discuss when the child support guidelines apply.

If parents go to court to get a child support order, in almost all cases the court must use the Guidelines to set the amount.

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Common Questions About Child Support


In this video Russell discusses common questions lawyers are asked about child support. Topics include hardship and the process for reducing child support, child support for incomes over $150,000, the obligations of step-parents, medical and dental insurance, and what information is needed to determine child support.

We hope you find our video informative.

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