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Parental Alienation – Family Law

Several recent court cases have focused on the serious problem of parental alienation. Although many are hearing about it for the first time, it has always been a prevalent concern in high-conflict custody litigation.

Family counselling and therapy are the important resources that separated parents need to overcome their pain and anger. Parents must carefully consider the impact of their behaviour on their children and be mindful of the potentially devastating consequences to themselves and their children of high-conflict litigation. Compromise and making peace for the sake of your children are more important than being right.

Having healthy, well-adjusted and happy children is more important than getting revenge. Parents can have new partners, but no child gets a second childhood. Children learn about relationships and parenting from observing their own parents. 

More information on parental alienation, statistics and different perspectives can be found on my website and going to the parental alienation drop down menu.

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