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Family Law Now | Episode 3: Office of the Children’s Lawyer

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On this episode, hosted by Russell Alexander with special guest Jarret Johnston, a children’s lawyer explains their role, lays out the process and clarifies common misconceptions. Tune in to Family Law Now to learn more.

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Show Notes

Intake Form Custody Access Cases under the Divorce Act

Children’s Law Reform Act

Part III – Custody, Access and Guardianship

Section 24 – Merits of application for custody or access

Section 30 – Assessment of needs of child

Courts of Justice Act

Part IV – Rules of Court

Section 68 – Family Rules

Part VI – Judges and Offices

Section 89 – Children’s Lawyer (referred to as first type of appointment)

Part VII – Court Proceedings: Procedural Matters

Section 112 – Investigation and report of Children’s Lawyer (referred to as second type of appointment)

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.