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Family Law Now | Episode 9 Runaway Train: How to Derail High Conflict Court Cases Using Collaborative Practice

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On this episode, Russell Alexander is joined by Wylita Clark and Jarret Johnston to educate individuals involved in a current family law case about their options. Often times, going to Court is the default decision because all the client hears is, “All aboard the self-represented litigants”. We are sharing our insight, experience, and success with this process to help you get on the right track. Tune in to Family Law Now to learn more.

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Justice Quinn

In a trial involving self-represented litigants, my expectations are low: all I ask is that they be clothed. If they can fake civility toward each other and pretend to be respectful of the court, that is a merciful bonus. Mr. Blake is a 55-year-old, self-employed painter, sometimes likeable, frequently articulate and always passionate. He has been married, divorced and is a grandfather and, like so many of the poor souls who amble into Family Court, he has not learned from his mistakes. He is too busy perfecting them. Mr. Blake dances to the tune of a different drummer. Apart from being financially irresponsible, I found him to be a decent man and a truthful witness (but with the truth occasionally defined by his view of reality).

Source: Stirling v. Blake, 2013

Rule 23

Alternate Dispute Resolution

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Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.