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“Oooh, baby, it’s so big!” – lawyer video


Wednesday’s Video Clip: “Oooh, baby, it’s so big!”

California lawyer Michael A. Fiumara has attracted attention and been criticized for his law firm video which has been described as “a racy advertisement”.  This video includes the lawyer talking to a sex doll while describing he services his firm provides.  The with phrases like “Oooh, baby, it’s so big!”.

Watch the video and provide us with your thoughts and comments.  Would you hire this lawyer?

One Comment
  1. Wow! The first time I watched this I thought this guy was strange and I definitely wouldn’t hire him to represent me. However, after reading the comments under the YouTube video, including some of their responses to the negative comments, it’s clear that the firm is passionate about fighting for their clients no matter how difficult it may be. I then reconsidered my viewpoint on retaining him as a lawyer and decided, if I was in need of a lawyer, I would definitely contact him for a consultation to see if he would fight this hard to win my case. I can’t wait to see the sequel!

    February 10, 2015

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